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September 23-25
NRVC Board Meeting,

St. Louis, MO

September 26-29
Member Area Coordinator Gathering,

St. Louis, MO

October 4
Member Area Meeting - International & Southwest,

via Zoom

October 10
Member Area Gathering - Upper Midwest,

via Zoom

October 18
Member Area Gathering - Hudson Valley,

via Zoom

November 3
Pre-Convocation workshops,

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November 3-6
Convocation in Spokane, WA,


November 6
Convocation Idaho Bus Trip ,

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Nov 6-12
National Vocation Awareness Week,

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February 2
World Day for Consecrated Life,

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NRVC nurtures collaboration by attending conferences
NRVC nurtures collaboration by attending conferences

In recent months, and continuing into the fall, staff and board members of the NRVC have been attending conferences of national church organizations that are connected to vocation ministry. This helps NRVC build relationships and coordinate and collaborate in vocation efforts.

Member Guidebook published online
Member Guidebook published online

NRVC members now have a new resource: the online Member Guidebook, which has information on 25 aspects of the organization. From the history, mission, staff, and board to the full constitution and bylaws of the organization, the guidebook brings together membership details in one place.

NRVC welcomes convocation sponsors
NRVC welcomes convocation sponsors

It is not too late for individuals and organizations to become sponsors of the NRVC convocation, to take place November 3-6 in Spokane, Washington. The NRVC is grateful to more than 30 organizations that are already supporting this gathering of vocation ministers, the first face-to-face convocation since the pandemic.

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